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Curly-Coated Retrievers in Northern NY


How we got our name

SoftMaple is the name of a lake in Northern NY where my family had a camp while I was growing up. I used SoftMaple for my prefix when I bred my first litter of Irish Setters in 1980.

The lake is just a few miles from our home. It is a tranquil place where the dogs spend a good deal of the spring, summer and fall in the water and running in the woods. Often times we use the kayak and swim the dogs across the lake to an uninhabited island. All my dogs are very strong swimmers! The house is surrounded by acres of wilderness, criss-crossed by sugaring trails. Sally has developed a sweet tooth, and its hard in the spring to keep her from drinking the sap from the buckets hanging from every maple tree.

Our house sits on 4 acres of land. I have a full agility course set up all the time. Our house has a finished basement where I can set up an indoor obedience ring for the dogs. The drawback is we are so far out in the sticks that its a long way to most dog shows. Oh well, the dogs sure love the woods to romp in! And its all about the dogs. ;-)



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